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Dressing For The Races – Shop The Video

Thanks for watching my video on “Dressing for the races“. Shop the looks here and find your perfect outfit inspiration.

Depending on which racing event you are heading to fashion restrictions differ slightly, for example Royal Ascot has different dress codes for different areas. However, most Australian and New Zealand racing events are fairly lenient, but my recommendation is to keep your look on the more conservative side. So no full sequin or super short dresses!

Your millinery must compliment your outfit and don’t be scared to go big!!


A-line dresses are super flattering especially on an apple or pear body shape. It’s also a very classic races look and will emphasise your waist line!

A-line Racing Classics


Colour Blocking

Bold Colour



Clutch Bags

For a perfect pair of sunglasses, find out what sunglasses suit your face shape click here.

And for ideas on footwear for spring racing carnival, check out my post on “How to dress for a summer wedding” there is a range of shoes perfect for walking on grass that will look gorgeous with both jumpsuits, skirts and dresses.

Have an amazing time at the races and I hope these looks provided you with some inspiration xx