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Personal Styling Basics

If you ever wondered what the basic steps of personal styling are, then this info graphic is for you!

Step 1: Colour and Body Shape Analysis

I will determine your seasonal colour tones and body shape.  You will learn how to choose clothing that flatters your figure and wear colours that make you appear your absolute best!

Step 2: Wardrobe Edit

During this session I will come to your home and plan your wardrobe. I will show you effective ways of mixing up your outfits, assist you with disposing of unwanted garments and help you produce a garment requirement list to prepare for the personal shopping excursion.

Step 3: Personal Shopping

During our session I will provide you with knowledge that will help you plan outfits, buy sensibly and pick garments that flatter your body shape.

This is a really fun experience and will give you so much more confidence to choose items that look great and complement your existing wardrobe.

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below xx