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Pear Body Shape

Body Traits: Hips are wider than shoulders, so your lower half is wider than your upper body. The bottom is rounded and your waist well defined. Weight gain tends to be on hips, buttocks and thighs.

Best Asset: Shoulders, torso and stomach.

Hint: Add scarves, and pattered tops to even out body proportions, dark colours on the bottom and high heels for long legs!

What to wear:  

  • Ruffles and embellishments on upper body.
  • Printed tops.
  • Colour and patterns up top with darker bottoms to draw attention upwards.
  • Boat necks, V neck lines and tops with detailing on shoulders/sleeves to even out body proportions. Sweet heart necklines are also good.
  • Empire tops and dresses that gather under your bust and flow down to skim the mid-section.
  • Longer coats in winter, however, be sure to belt them and show off your waist.
  • High waisted jeans are great as they minimize gaping back seams.
  • Bootcut and slim jeans.
  • Pointy-toe shoes to elongate legs.

What to avoid:

  • Big shirts.
  • Dresses and skirts with huge prints may accentuate the mid-section.
  • Avoid short, shorts.
  • Capris – whilst a great summer essential be sure to find ones that are not super skinny as these
    can be very unflattering on a pear shape.
  • Avoid cargo pants.
  • Avoid jeans with embellishments on the back pockets.
  • Super skinny jeans can be unflattering on this body shape.

Celebrities that share your body shape: Jennifer Love РHewitt, Eva Mendes and Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna.