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Northlands Styling Event

Last week I jumped on a plane to chilly Christchurch to work with Angela Stone and her team of Christchurch based stylists. We were based in the middle of Northlands Shopping Centre and were offering free colour consultations, body shape analysis and personal shopping sessions…

Between us we saw hundreds of amazing ladies, and the odd bloke who got roped in by his wife!

The style lounge was such a fun, sociable atmosphere, and with plenty of cute outfits around, it challenged us to not do all the shopping ourselves…

You may recall from my fabric blog post, I purchased a cotton sateen and planned to make a co-ordinate set out of it, well this is it…

And yes, flat shoes for the THOUSANDS of steps a day we were pacing!

I also made a pencil skirt and shorts in the same fabric. I love it, but I understand it maybe a little loud for some!! But it adds so many new outfit options to wardrobe – WIN!

On day 2 it seemed a little chilly (well for an Aucklander!) and I went with my trusty River Island leather leggings and Topshop tweed jacket…(If only it was a Chanel…..ONE DAY!)

A few weeks ago I spotted a gorgeous white lace in my favourite fabric shop, which I thought would look lovely for summer. Not being able to wait until summer to wear it… I decided to debut it for day 3!

I only lasted in ankle boots for 2 hours before having to switch back to ballet pumps, but I thought the skirt looked cute as a winter number as well!

My silver necklace is one from the Angela Stone collection, which is available on her website, it is so versatile.

My snakeskin belt is new season Witchery, and I have become a little obsessed with it, I brought it on a bit of a whim, but no regrets with that purchase!

On Sunday, day 4, I really needed to get out of my terrible (but classic) monochrome habit!!

So I decided to blind everyone in sight with my shocking orange Topshop blazer!

I picked this wee delight up in Sydney on my last trip and it attracted so many compliments, one lady who was a beautiful autumn tried it on and asked how to get one, so I promptly instructed her daughter how to find it online. I hope she manages to get one!

The colour is pretty much great for summer or autumn colurings, but being the rebellious winter that I am, I paired it with black! Hardly shocking – I am obsessed with black!

After 4 days of personal shopping, colour consultations and body type analysis, it was time to head back to Auckland.

Nothing like Australian Vogue, NW and an Allpress hot chocolate for the flight home 🙂

The last 4 days was a great experience. I feel blessed to have witnessed so many woman find a new sense of confidence whilst experiencing the style lounge.