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Suit Shopping For Men – Shop The Video

Thanks for watching my video on “Suit Shopping For Men”. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find it here.

There are so many things to take into account when choosing suits.

First crucial piece of advice is to buy the right size! A suit should hug your frame without being too tight.

-Slim fit suits are the most flattering and you don’t necessarily need bespoke suits to look a million bucks, tailoring will make all the difference.
Seriously – if you don’t want to spend a fortune, buy off the rail and get it tailored.

-When it comes to sleeve length it’s always quite stylish to have about a half to quarter inch of the shirt showing at the cuff.

-Your jacket length needs to cover your seat.

-Trouser lenth is critical.
There should only be one break in your pant where the fabric is settling on the shoe and pants should never touch the heel of your brouge.

-Trousers should do up without pulling so there is no tension on the button.

-If you are sitting in an office all day you may want half an inch spare for a bit more comfort.

Remember the rule with suit jacket buttons?
For a three button jacket and working your way down it’s: always, sometimes, never.

Consider getting the waistcoat that comes with your suit if buying off the rack, it may not come in handy for a whie but great if a race day turns up in the diary.

-The collar needs to hug your neck with no gaps between your shirt collar and suit jacket lapels.

-No pleats in the pants, they are only going to make you look bigger than you are and add volume.

-Always buy two pairs of trousers as they wear out much faster than the jackets.

AND Try not to get into the habit of putting stuff in your trouser pockets as it can damange your trousers quite quickly.

When it comes to choosing a suit colours consider navy blue and charcol grey, both incredibly verstile options.

A medium grey colour also looks great with many different colour shirts.

A light grey suit is a nice option for summer and spring. It will also look great for summer weddings, the polo or racing events.

A true blue suit can be a little hard to find, and is a a very european look.
Great on blondes and red heads and so chic with a crisp white or light blue shirt.

I’m not a huge fan of a black suit, they tend to look better on gentleman with darker hair. If you are only buying one or two suits I wouldn’t suggest buying a black one.

Shirts and Ties are the fun part where you can really show your personality.

Anything goes with a white shirt. Try and select a white shirt fabric which has a slight texture.
It’s not a rule, but by choosing a print tie that has some white in it it will really lift the look.

With a pale blue shirt any solid colour will match, but again try select a print tie that has a slight pale blue in it.

You will want to tie the detailing colours from the tie in with the shirt.

With check shirts, solid tie colours work well, but a dotted print tie can look also look great.

And remember with checks, the bigger the check the larger you will look.

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I hope you found some helpful guidance for buying a suit, but if you need some further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me xx