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Friday Fashion Fix – Sunglasses & Face Shape

I was hoping to purchase some new sunglasses for Summer but I have real trouble choosing sunglasses for my face shape. Could you offer me some guidance regarding face shape and styles that would flatter please, I’m in my early thirties. 

Sunglasses are such an important part of your wardrobe and everyday style. If you can get more than one set, even better! It is always great to have a few options!

Knowing what face shape you have plays are huge part in choosing a frame that flatters. So take a good look in the mirror and work out what face shape you have, this is also really good to know for hairstyles.

The face shapes are:

Square: Broad forehead with strong square jawline, proportional in width and length. (Natalie Portman).
Round or oval frames will work best, stay away from square or very angled shaped frames, you want to soften your shape, not enhance it.

Heart: Broad forehead and angular chin, usually with high cheekbones. (Reese Witherspoon).
Oval and round shape glasses to balance out an angular chin.

Oval: Lightly curved jawline which is narrower than forehead.  (Jennifer Lawrence).
Square or round shapes will work well on this face shape.

Round: Fuller face, wide forehead and a rounded chin. (Kate Bosworth).
Square or angular frames to provide a contrast to your face shape. Avoid round glasses.

My top picks are below, I always find that Sunglass Hut has a great collection, so have chosen styles from the online store. (Click the image to shop).

Dolce & Gabbana Cat Eye – Best suited to Oval, heart and square face shapes.

Ray-Ban Aviator in Gold – Best suited to heart, oval and square face shapes.

Tory Burch – Best suited to round and oval face shapes.

Tom Ford – Best suited to square, heart and oval face shapes.

Tiffany – Best suited to heart, oval and square face shapes.

Ray-Ban Best suited for round and oval face shapes.

I hope this helps with selecting a style that flatters your face shape. Be sure to choose a colour that flatters your skin tone and works with your wardrobe to ensure a top to toe flattering look xx