Effortless style, everyday.

Style that says classy, comfortable and uniquely you


Personal Stylist and Image Consultant

Sometimes you know the look you are going for but it’s just not working. Maybe you need that honest, second-opinion when hunting for that special occasion outfit. Or perhaps you just don’t have the time and would rather leave fashion and shopping to an expert. My name’s Holley and I’m here to help.


What’s in a style re-boot?

I help you uncover your personal style. I’ll understand how you want to present to the world in a way that captures your unique essence. I’ll get to know you; your likes, dislikes, inspirations and aspirations. We’ll also get to know each other and see if we’re the right fit. We’ll give your closet a spring-clean and create a plan for a curated shopping trip to update and re-style your wardrobe. I’ll show you how shopping can be fun and easy, guiding you on what suits you and how to create a collection of styled outfits with your new look wardrobe.

Discover your unique sense of style

Discover your true style

Styling isn’t about an excess of clothes; it’s about building on your current wardrobe to create a polished collection of timeless and trans-seasonal outfits that embody who you are, that you enjoy wearing. Get in touch and let’s uncover the right style for you.

Reveal my style